Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mountain Dew Green Label

This is a commercial for Mountain Dew.

Check out how the can comes in as well as the design right at the end.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here is the test render with textures, still need some touch ups on the black area

Heres a reference image of what i am drawing upon...

Shan, i have emailed you the file, please feel free to plus in any way.
I noticed right away that my letters are in solid white while the can has its letters in shiny silver...hmmmmm

All communication lines are open, please add further comments!


The Black Cat Concept!

So this one is just the reversal of colours; now black forms the spots. I prefer this palette swap because I have a little scenario to go along with it.

Imagine a world where there are no such things as cheetahs but only these black cats. And it is not only until our protagonist hero drinks CPS, that he is able to shatter his black coat into 'spots' (where by gaining incredible speed and power) and defeats his nefarious foe. Thus the first ever 'real' cheetah is born, thanks to the help of our product!

I'm telling you, this will sell drinks my friends!

Commercials Commercials Commercials.

Hey gang!

We need to keep moving...the production schedule says that we need to be on storyboarding right now. We need to hone the timing of the piece.

I was thinking about pacing all week. What i thought was backed up by a commercial i saw.
The length of the commercial was the creators spent, a deal of time cutting the fat of the commercial. They cut to only the key parts of what they were trying to sell.

TO save time, we should as well thats why we need to work out the story to what is key to sellling the product.
Heres a link to the full 50 second commercial...

Heres what they shortened ( i think by creative choice) - i cant seem to find it, but its on tv if you are watching...keep an eye out for it.

They brought in shots like:

Videos for thought

I had way too much coffee today and my hands got the jitters. But it also gave me an idea for how I want this cheetah to move. I want his body to be so filled with energy after consuming the drink that his very core will seem to tremble with uncontainable power. His polygons with shift and displace and even fragment and tear apart when approaching high speeds.

I know its a stretch to imagine this. But please have a look at these videos to see what I mean.

I hope to be able to post some form of rendering of how I expect all this to translate soon.
Wish me luck!

So I just slapped this one together hastily. Its not even a render but a screen grab as you all can tell. But I wanted something out asap.

Oh and this final video is just awesome! I think I figuratively wet myself watching...pls enjoy!

The weigh ins.

Here is a silhouette of our 2 guys in how I estimate they would size up next to each other.
I had a small laugh cos it reminded me of the old Ipod commercials...