Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Commercials Commercials Commercials.

Hey gang!

We need to keep moving...the production schedule says that we need to be on storyboarding right now. We need to hone the timing of the piece.

I was thinking about pacing all week. What i thought was backed up by a commercial i saw.
The length of the commercial was the creators spent, a deal of time cutting the fat of the commercial. They cut to only the key parts of what they were trying to sell.

TO save time, we should as well thats why we need to work out the story to what is key to sellling the product.
Heres a link to the full 50 second commercial...


Heres what they shortened ( i think by creative choice) - i cant seem to find it, but its on tv if you are watching...keep an eye out for it.

They brought in shots like:

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  1. Nice commercial... lots of 'melt' modifies everywhere if they where using max; which i doubt.

    Anyway, good points, we are behind in time and we do need to trim the fat.

    So someone pls make a new diet leica reel. Low fat and carbs pls.