Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Black Cat Concept!

So this one is just the reversal of colours; now black forms the spots. I prefer this palette swap because I have a little scenario to go along with it.

Imagine a world where there are no such things as cheetahs but only these black cats. And it is not only until our protagonist hero drinks CPS, that he is able to shatter his black coat into 'spots' (where by gaining incredible speed and power) and defeats his nefarious foe. Thus the first ever 'real' cheetah is born, thanks to the help of our product!

I'm telling you, this will sell drinks my friends!


  1. yea you've sold me on it, lets do it this way. i like the look a lot, im throwing out all my crappy cheetah drawings now, lets go with this. but careful about not going too TRON with it tho. I trust you can pull it off, so im not worried

  2. im working on colour for the leica, but my net is ridiculously slow, so i hope to post something soon, letsee, i can only apologize for the delay, you may swear profusely if you choose to