Friday, June 25, 2010

Commercial Inspiration

Couldnt Upload the files i had, they were above 100mb.
So i have the youtube sites, watch in HD.
-Notice the really good transitions - the snowboarders red snowboard carving transitions to the red log that he grabs from the honda trunk.
-Saves time and adds cool to the commercial.
-Notice how at the end, the rotation of the honda, there are cuts to the turn, saving time and adding edge.


  1. Nice ref Jason.
    But is it possible to find more reference that is not from the Honda commercial.
    Cos obviously we don't want to look like carbon copies of their style.
    And more options leads to more ideas.



    This one is a good mix of 3d and 2d, maybe we don't have to do all of it in 3d as well. I'm just throwing it out there...

    Since well, you know, 2 of our members are 2d strong.

  3. that was a really good video! VERY ENTERTAINING! I saw it twice just to absorb it all :)