Saturday, June 19, 2010

CPSC Rough Boards

Sorry for the rough drawings.
Anyway, none of these shots are set in stone.
Please do let me know of nicer shots and actions if you do think of it.
A problem to note, even these rough rough leica is already 26 secs....that means we got to cut down and trim away alot of stuff.



  1. NICE! that was 26 seconds...

  2. yah, and we've got so many nice ideas.
    But i dont think we can squeeze in everything

  3. haha, yea we will take stuff out, this is a good sign. less work and more quality! GOOD GOOD< we can discuss this tuesday, for now, lets keep trying to get the main characters out into CG

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  5. It looks good, I esp like the opening shot of the breaking wall. Everything seems necessary, so I am not too sure what to cut down... Perhaps we can make the profile cheetah run slightly shorter? And maybe make the cheetah attacks the bull right after she runs towards the bull (instead of having her jumps onto the back of the bull first)?

  6. uh, i cant see the leica, its just a blank space. Do I have to sign into this specific blog to see it, cause I can`t seem to find wherever i`ve to insert the !

  7. um you should be able to just play it on the site vineet, you dont need to sign in. i suggest install adobe flash 10.

    We must def need to break this thingy down,we can cut certain parts of the sketch, and really milk the shots we find have that boldness/ clarity. We should meet just to talk about that.